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How to use TegaMideo

Personal Use

Send your friends select scenes from your vacation destination

Record video using your smartphone and upload it to TegaMideo while on vacation.
Share it with your friends!

Send video to friends who couldn't attend a wedding ceremony

Film scenes of a friend's wedding ceremony and share it with the bride and groom or friends who could not attend. With your smartphone Record, Upload and Share right away.
Friends who received an email can enjoy the scenes like a live feed. The bride and groom can watch it later.

Other usage scenarios for TegaMideo
  • A father shoots video of his child's sports day (or recital, etc.) and uploads the video from his PC to TegaMideo. The video is sent to the child's grandparents in the form of a video letter. The grandfather enjoys the scenes from his grandchild's sports day (or recital, etc.) on his mobile phone.
  • Use TegaMideo to share videos within closed groups, such as friends or family members

* Presuming that it will also be possible to upload and send emails from a smartphone in the future.

Business Use

Video-based support using TegaMideo

Send instructions by filming operating procedures. Sending a video makes it easier to get your point across, plus the customer can review the video as needed.

As a means of customer retention, use video to provide new information to customers after a single visit

As a means of customer retention, use video to provide new information (new dishes, menus, event information, new staff introductions, and so on) to customers after a single visit

Other usage scenarios for TegaMideo
  • Convey a president's greetings or other information to employees.
  • Convert materials to video for distribution
  • Field report( Upload scenes from a field to be reviewed at the office.)
  • Use for a video-based email newsletter (video letter) as an evolution of the standard email newsletter (you can send an email containing special footage only for fan club members,
    or distribute unreleased video in conjunction with an event)
  • Use TegaMideo for employee training.