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First-time Users

What is the recommended environment?

Please check your system environment when using TegaMideo.
Recommended Requirements

I don't know how to upload files.

On the "Home" page, drag and drop the video file you wish to upload onto the folder image of the screen.
If your environment does not support drag and drop operations, refer to the uploading from "My Files" section at the bottom.
On the "My Files" page, click "Upload" and drag and drop the video you wish to upload into the window which is displayed. If your environment does not support drag and drop operations, click "Upload," then click the button at upload buttonthe bottom left of the window displayed and select the file directly.

I don't know how to send emails.

After uploading has completed, click email buttonthe email button displayed to the right of the video you wish to send, enter the necessary information and send the email.

If you wish to send an email for a video you have uploaded previously, click email buttonthe email button displayed to the right of the video you wish to send from the list of videos registered on the "My Files" page, enter the necessary information and send the email. When you wish to send multiple videos at once, place a check in the check boxes to on the left of the videos you wish to send, click email buttonthe email button at the top of the video list and send your email in the same way.

How can I edit the information of videos I've already uploaded?

You can edit video information by clicking edit buttonthe edit button displayed to the right of a video in the video list on the "My Files" page. The title, outline and tag items can be edited.

Member Registration and Registration Details

I completed member registration (or password reset) but no email has arrived.

Your email software may have marked the email from TegaMideo as junk mail. Please check your junk mail folder.
In addition, please remove the following email address from your junk mail settings and try again.


I accessed the URL to complete registration but failed to complete registration.

The URL to complete registration is valid for 24 hours. If more than 24 hours have passed since receiving the email, your temporary registration information is deleted.
In such cases, you will need to perform registration again.

How do I change the password for my own account?

If you know your current password, you can login as usual and change your password from the "My Account" section on the administration page.
If you don't know your current password, you can reset your password by simply entering your registered email address on the following page.

For those who forget the password (password reset)

How do I change the email address for my own account?

You can login as usual and change your email address from the "My Account" section on the administration page.

Questions about Uploading

Even when I drop a file onto the screen it isn't selected.

If you are using Internet Explorer, drop operations are not supported. Click "Upload" from the "My Files" page and select the file directly from the [+] button at the lower left of the window.

"Select a video file" is displayed but I cannot select any files.

You may have tried to select a file which is not a video file. In such cases the file cannot be selected.

"Your have exceeded your available storage" is displayed and the file cannot be selected.

This message is displayed when you have reached the upper limit of storage capacity as determined by your plan. Under the Free Plan, up to 500MB of storage is available. To upload the file, you will need to check your current remaining storage capacity against the size of the file to be uploaded and either secure additional storage capacity by deleting video files you no longer need, or adjust the size of the file to be uploaded so that it falls within your remaining storage capacity.

Can I upload an multiple files as a single folder?

Folder-level uploading is not supported. When selecting files with drag and drop, however, multiple files can be selected together. Note that when using Internet Explorer, files are registered one at a time.

I want to delete an uploaded file.

You can login and delete the file from the "My Files" page.

An uploaded files stays as "Processing."

It is possible that processing of the file has already completed but the status shown on the screen has not been updated. Try reloading the page by clicking refresh the button at the top right of "My Files" page.

A file I uploaded shows "This is an unsupported format" and can't be viewed.

If the uploaded video file is corrupt or in an unsupported video format, "This is an unsupported format" is displayed. You will need to check the video file after re-uploading, or upload the video in a different format.

Questions about Sending Emails

I sent an email but it wasn't delivered to the other person.

You may have entered the wrong address as the recipient email address when you sent a registered video via email. Check the address and send the email again.
Also, when a recently uploaded video is sent via email, the actual email is only sent when processing of the uploaded video has completed. When a large video file has been uploaded, it may take time before the email is delivered to the other person.

What is security?

"Viewing page expiry period" is the period which the person who received the email can view the video. The expiry period is the number of days set, starting when the email is sent.Upon expiry video can not be viewed.

"Maximum view count" is the number of views allowed for one video within the expiry period. The count increases when you close the browser, view it with another browser or on another device, ...

I sent an email to the other person but he/she can't login to the viewing page.

It may not be possible to view the video because the "viewing page expiry period" has elapsed, or the "maximum view count" has been reached.
Alternatively, the email address entered when logging in to the viewing page may be incorrect.

I sent an email to the wrong email address.

When a video has been sent to someone in error, to stop the person from viewing the video, select the email that was sent in error under "History" on the "My Account" page. Next, select the person you want to stop from viewing the video and click the "Suspend Viewing" button. After doing so, the person will no longer be able to access the viewing page.
However, please note that the person concerned may have logged in and viewed the video before the suspend viewing process was completed.

Questions about Watching Videos

I accessed the URL in the email I received and entered an email address but I cannot login.

The email address you entered is incorrect. The email address to be entered is the email address of the person who received the email. You cannot login by entering the sender email address. In addition, the maximum view count may have been reached or the viewing page may have expired. Please contact the original sender if you wish to view the video again.

I can't view a video on my device.

The environment you are using may not be supported. Please confirm your viewing environment.

Recommended Requirements

During playback the video stops or breaks up, or the audio cuts out.

If you become unable to view a video smoothly during playback due to degraded connection quality, try viewing the video after adjusting the bandwidth settings for the video.

Also note that when viewing from a smartphone, the device may switch to a 3G environment when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable. Please note that in such cases viewing may become unstable.

In addition, note that your viewing experience may be unstable when viewing video relayed through a mobile Wi-Fi router (Pocket Wi-Fi, etc.).

Nothing is displayed in the player display area.

The player may have failed to load. Reload the page with your browser's reload button, or relaunch the browser.

Cancelling Registration

How do I cancel my registration?

You can cancel your registration from the following URL.
Cancellation Application

If you cancel your registration, all registered videos and address book information will be deleted. Please note that if you do so, you will not be able to recover any of the deleted videos or address book information.