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About the Service

Send videos via email the simple & easy way!

What is TegaMideo?

  • You do not need to exchange the file itself with the other person, and the service allows them to safely watch your video without risk of it being downloaded or copied.
  • The email recipient can watch the video by visiting the URL attached in the email.
  • Multiple plans are offered with different conditions set for each.
Conceptual image of how the service is used

TegaMideo solves these problems instantly!

case1 This video is too large, so I can't sent it over email…

It's file transfer service, but for video!

You don't need to attach the video to an email message. TegaMideo takes care of the video and sends a video URL and thumbnail to the designated email addresses.


Upload the video you want to show the other person, create the message and send 窶鐀 it's as simple as that!

Email recipients can watch the video on their preferred device.

case3 What if the other person can't watch the video on their device?

TegaMideo supports multiple devices!

Video is automatically converted, so it can be viewed from a PC, smartphone, tablet or mobile phone.

case4 I don't want anyone copying my video. I only want the people I designate to view it.

Protect your videos with robust security!

Your video will never be downloaded or copied. The service offers authenticated viewing where the email recipient clicks the included URL or thumbnail.

case5 I want to attach restrictions to video viewing.

You can set an expiry date and maximum view count.

With TegaMideo, you can set restrictions on the viewing of your video, so you can also use it in conjunction with services or events.

case6 Is it able to offer direct mailing service that uses video?

TegaMideo also supports high-volume email distribution!

TegaMideo offers between one and ten recipients for personal use, up to around 100 recipients for business use, as well as a mass-mailing service for over 10,000 recipients.